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Weber Human Services Aging  

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WCOFE is organized as a non-profit corporation (501c3) to serve the needs of the elderly people in Weber and Morgan Counties.


The Purposes of WCOFE

In general, the Corporation will endeavor to:

  1. Identify and meet the nutritional, educational, recreational and other needs of the elderly people.

  2. Promote, sponsor and effectuate programs and projects relating to elderly people as deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

  3. Raise, solicit, receive, hold, own, manage, use, purchase, mortgage, pledge, transfer and dispose of funds and property of all kinds—real personal, tangible and mixed, whether held absolutely or in trust or by way of agency or otherwise—for the benefit of the elderly people of Weber and Morgan Counties.

History of WCOFE

WCOFE was organized September 22, 1978. It was basically set up, with George VanLeeuwen’s help, to assist his sister Evelyn Hoogland in raising money to build the nutrition kitchen for Weber County Aging. This they accomplished, and the kitchen was paid for by the time it was completed in 1981. WCOFE then turned its attention to providing support for the nutrition kitchen and senior centers. It has generated funds for their benefit through various fundraisers and grant applications. The funds are dedicated to individual categories, which may later be accessed by the groups they represent. Each senior center is also allowed to deposit donations made for the use and benefit of its seniors. 


WCOFE became the sponsor/financing agent for the Coming of Age Conference in 1998. The conference had originally been sponsored by WSU through Cathy Coberna, from the senior education program, until it was no longer available. Weber Human Services Aging had been part of the conference since its inception, through Jan Potter, and in finding a new sponsor, the recommendation was made that WCOFE would be a natural for its new home. 

WCOFE’s activities and finances are overseen by a board of WCOFE members composed of prominent volunteer citizens with background in Aging services, senior center services, long-term care, caregiving, nutrition, education, and so on, nominated and approved as board members. Weber Human Services and WCOFE wish to honor Cheryl Connors, a longtime member of the board, for contributions to WCOFE and senior nutrition services in Weber and Morgan Counties. Please see the following special recognition: click here.


Prime Time Travelers

The Prime Time Travelers was developed to raise money by providing trips that seniors could participate in, while generating a small fund balance for the senior center making the referral or for general funds to be distributed later by the board. 

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